No more bee-harming pesticides in the UK

UK banned the use of bee-harming pesticides In 2018 most EU members banned the use of neonicotinoids for use on crops outdoors, to protect bees and other pollinators. However, last January, the UK authorized the emergency use of pesticides containing the chemical thiamethoxam, to protect the sugar beets seeds from the yellow virus. Now the pesticides will no longer be needed as the cold weather of February meant less risk for the crops. According to Farmers Weekly, “low temperatures during…

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LIQUAM Changing the Honey Production Process

Honey processing is a key step in the honey production process and can affect the final quality immensely. One way that processing can affect the product is regarding the colour. Honey varies from a pale yellow to amber, to very dark brown, and occasionally even a reddish hue. Although origin and type of flowers come into play with the colour difference, temperature during processing is a big contributor. Thermal processing is a common technique used by beekeepers, honey producers, and…

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